How Wildland Creations Started. After serving several years as a Wildland Hotshot Firefighter for the U.S. Forest Service, Matt made a life change. He decided to bring the beauty he was protecting into the homes of those he loved. He first began by turning one salvaged wood slab into a beautiful, polished dining table for his girlfriend. From there, he realized that everyone should have access to this raw wild beauty. Matt runs Wildland Creations out of a 100-year-old Redwood barn, and hand selects and crafts every piece that Wildland Creations produces. He works with local welders and reclaimed wood supply shops to support the local economy and ensure quality. 

Why Wildland Creations Matter. Americans produce 10 million tons of furniture waste per year (EPA). How many broken bookshelves or TV stands have you seen on the side of the road? Let's change the way we use and take care of furniture. A reclaimed or salvaged live edge or living wall art piece not only keeps nature alive, it brings organic beauty into your home. At Wildland Creations, we want to provide every home and workspace with a custom handcrafted piece of nature at a reasonable cost. Join us in supporting a sustainable, quality-over-quantity existence.

How Your Purchase Makes a Difference. Every purchase benefits the Wildland Firefighter Foundation, which honors firefighters who have been killed and/or injured in the course of protecting our lands and homes. 5% of all Wildland Creations profits are donated to this Foundation.

The People* of Wildland Creations. The three amigos: Matt, Jess, and Henry. Matt runs the design and production, while Jess manages the marketing and operations (with some dabbling in design and production). They both take turns feeding Henry, who provides the moral support. [Correction] Since creating Wildland, Henry passed away :( He is still a big motivator for the mission of Wildland Creations. His earthly job has somewhat been replaced by their new son, Teddy (who, like Teddy Roosevelt, loves nature).                                     

                                                          *dogs are people too

Our goal is to help everyone appreciate and respect wildlands.

We build interesting, nature-inspired handcrafted furniture & decor.

A Wildland Philosophy.